Trade Hire: What Is Trade Hire and Why You Need a Specialist

trade hire

Looking for a hand in recruiting in the construction industry? We may have just what you need. Trade Hire Ireland provides clients with unique opportunities for hiring specialists without significant strain on their financial resources or staff.

If you are facing the challenges of recruitment and thinking that it may be too much for your business at the moment, then Trade Hire might be able to help you.


What Is Trade Hire?

Trade Hire is a construction recruitment agency and a group of recruitment consultants aimed at helping employers in Ireland find suitable candidates for their needs, as well as helping those who are seeking a job find the right position for them.

We have years of experience in the business and an established communication network that allows us to rapidly locate candidates, make sure that they are the right suit for our clients, and then connect the two parties in no time to ensure that your project is up and running.

Trade Hire employs a wide range of tools to quickly identify candidates across entire Ireland. No matter what your construction project needs, you will be able to find the best specialists with us in little time – without the headaches of in-house recruitment. We will do the heavy lifting for you!


Why Address A Specialist For Construction Hiring?

It’s certainly nice that there is someone ready to do recruitment for you – however, why would you even need it? Why allocate money to hire an employment agency like us and lose the control that you would have had if hiring yourself?

While it is true that you will lose some amount of control over the hiring process when outsourcing recruitment to a third party, there are several perks and benefits that you are gaining instead. For many construction companies, the reduced recruitment control won’t overshadow the benefits brought by an employment agency such as Trade Hire Ireland.

To give you a better idea of how Trade Hire would benefit you, let’s discuss the advantages of working with us (and employment agencies in general for that matter).


1. Access to a huge number of skilled candidates

First up, we will provide you with access to dozens and hundreds of skilled candidates suitable for your construction project. We mainly make use of traditional channels (e.g. job boards) to find candidates – however, if necessary for the position, we can also put extra effort into finding the right employee for you.

As an example, we have experience with approaching passive candidates. Although the talent pool that we have access to is enormous, in some rare cases, the right candidate isn’t actively seeking a job. 

Identifying such candidates can be challenging – with that in mind, we approach them in a more personalized way to persuade them to take the job. Our approach directions include but aren’t limited to social media, email, and telephone.

Our candidate search isn’t limited to just passive candidates – our example only serves to show you what we can and are willing to do to pair you with the right specialist.

2. Money & time savings

Recruitment is a time- and money-intensive process, involving such steps as:

  • Collecting and screening CVs.

  • Candidate follow-ups.

  • Interviews & tests.

  • Negotiations (especially those related to salary).

The recruitment process may require enormous investments from you, and it’s a big burden for any construction business, especially small companies or those that are just starting out.

Besides, it can take months and multiple job board announcements for you to find the right construction specialist for the position. And the longer you are looking for a specialist, the longer your project will be on a halt. 

Needless to say, this translates to lost income since without your workforce at its full potential, you won’t be able to bring all your ideas to fulfillment. Apart from that, since recruitment is so resource-intensive, it forces you to reallocate finances and direct more towards finding candidates.

Large construction companies perhaps have the resource for recruitment, and if they have very specific needs or screening procedures, in-house hiring may actually benefit them. As for smaller companies, recruitment is a big challenge for most of them, and we feel that small or newly established clients would benefit from our services the most.

3. Market & industry knowledge

We are up to date with the news and trends in the construction industry – our niche orientation allows us to watch the developments on the market closely and ensure that our capabilities adapt to what our clients may want.

Market & industry analysis is one of the most important procedures for Trade Hire. By following the newest trends in the construction industry, we are able to adapt our hiring and training procedures so that candidates picked by us can meet the needs of our clients. This not only allows us to stay competitive but also ensures that the demands of our clients are paired with matching skill sets from candidates.

Outsourcing Recruitment Benefits Companies With Limited Resources

As mentioned a few times earlier, outsourcing recruitment can be particularly useful for construction companies with limited resources – small & medium companies, as well as businesses established just recently.

Although hiring a specialist for recruitment implies service fees, you are very likely to save money in the long run by addressing Trade Hire rather than doing recruitment yourself. Our candidate search & hiring process is flexible enough to meet the needs of many construction businesses, so you are very likely to find what you are looking for with us.

Even if it turns out that your demands are beyond our reach, then it’s likely that in-house recruitment would be more beneficial for you than outsourcing it.

Get In Touch With Us If You Need Help With Hiring

If you need assistance with hiring, then contact us to gain access to a vast network of candidates in Ireland! We show a personal approach with each of our clients, allowing us to shape our candidate search process in accordance with your needs.