Steel Fixers

Professional steel fixers will take responsibility when things go wrong. Steel fixers’ responsibility includes bending steel in compliance with the project designs and bar bending schedules. They also position and secure steel mesh and steel bars so that concrete constructions are reinforced. This process usually happens before the cement is poured onto the reinforcing bars. Aside from this core function, he is also responsible for any of the following tasks so, if you are looking to hire steel fixers, check these below before hiring one.

Licensing and certification: All good steelworkers should have licensed and has to be certified. It is proof of his knowledge of this line of job.  It shows he has proper training. He passed the test and met specific requirements. 

Problem-Solving Skills: It is one of those qualities that you can get only from a quality steel fixer. They can tie rebars into cages.

ExperienceExperience is the must-have qualities of a kind steel fixer. An experienced steel fixer can utilize their expertise in building rebars for any casts that will later use for setting concrete. They can also engage in the physical aspect of the work like bending steel bars, lifting steel pieces, tying it, and working at high-level areas.

Competence: Just like experience, competence matters too. He should be knowledgeable enough to offer competent steel fixer service and offer. An excellent qualified steel fix worker will complete his job quickly without leaving possible malfunctions. 

Reliability: He has to earn the trust by being reliable that he can complete the task in the given time frame. He should respect your building, respect time, and projects. Arrive fully prepared. Give a precise estimate, and he has to answer any questions you might have about the plans. A good steel fixer can guide you to the right thing. 

Tools Knowledge: There is always a new tool in the market, which helps steel fixers. Good steel fixers will know about it. 

Reputation: You could know who is the best steel fixers in your local area. So, you have to check the background, status, and also check the previous work he had done.


Hiring a wrong steel fixer can cost you real-time and the project too. Trade Hire can give a quality steel fixer for your projects. You don’t have to take any hassles. Just call us, and we will discuss the plans. We have a database of the best steel fixers around Ireland, where we can choose the perfect candidates based on your necessity.