How to hire a professional Plasterer

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Want to give your house a whole new look? Or, are you just trying to get the old scars out and make your house look like a home? Whatever the reason may be, you have been inspired to plaster a ceiling, floor, wall, or a roof in your house.

The first thought that probably came to your head when you noticed such a need was- Can I do it myself? If you have done it before you may be able to do a decent job. But, keep in mind that the plastering job you do will be quite permanent unless you want to spend more money to fix it if it requires a fix.

While plastering may seem easy when you look at it from a distance, it actually requires some equipment along with skills. The professional plasterer has the skills to do the plastering flawlessly within a reasonable amount of time.

Let’s assume you have decided to hire a plasterer so the question is how to recruit a professional plasterer? You cannot just bring anyone in the house and let them roam about freely to do whatever job they do, right? So, let’s see what you should know.

Find the company or plasterer first.

There are two problems you will face when looking for a plasterer. You will either find too many plasterers to choose from for your area or very few good ones to choose from. The latter makes your task easy as you don’t have to put in a lot of work when choosing one.
But, there is an easy way to get through this problem. Since you need plastering, chances (quite sure) are fellow human beings like your neighbors or your friends needed it too. Since you cannot just let anybody into the house with whatever skills do their job on your wall, you can consult a friend for a recommendation.
In this case, the most commonplace to go is to a friend who has a beautiful house or recently built one. If there is a particular wall or ceiling that you like, you can ask them where they got the job done. Then, by asking around (word-of-mouth) you will possibly come across not one but a few worthy plasterers.

Call them up.

You already know what you want. Basically, there are two kinds of plastering- solid plastering means creating a smooth or protective layer on the wall or roof surface and fibrous plastering is more creative and decorative. As you can imagine, fibrous plastering requires more artistic skill.

You have to make an estimate of the area you need to plaster. Furthermore, you also have to determine what you exactly need- do you need to cover up a hole? Or, do you want to give your house a completely different look? If it’s the latter then you will have to determine what kind of look you want to give the house.

When you are sure about what you want, do not feel shy to call up the plasterer or plasterers for that matter. They are experts so you won’t have much difficulty making them understand what you want. Thanks to their expertise they will also understand your noob attempt to explain how much work you need.

Write the estimates down. 

One way to differentiate among the various skilled plasterers is to check out how cost-effective they are. When you tell the plasterer or the company about your needs, they may not be able to give you a final price. But, they can give you an estimate. This estimate may be based on several factors like the labor cost, material cost, the size of the work, etc.

You should write them down to be clear about what you are paying for. In fact, you should ask the company to provide you with a written breakdown of the total cost. When you are happy with the estimated price you can ask when the plasterer can come to take a look at the work.

You should choose a time when you will be around to explain.

A few more questions to ask. 

One of the most important questions you have to ask is how long the plasterer has been in business. As you already know plastering requires skills and skills that come with experience. You want an experienced plasterer to work for you. If all the plasterers are new then you can judge by the quality of their previous work.

The second thing you have to ask is if there is any hidden cost that will be added later. You know how you pay more than what is written on the menu of a restaurant because of not just VAT but service charges as well. Figure such costs out before you get into trouble.
Finally, when the plasterer checks the work to be done you have the right to ask- how long will it take? An expert and good plasterer will be able to give you an estimated time for the job to be done.

Furthermore, he will be consistent in his work as well. The plasterer has to be punctual as well. Because plastering needs time and if you want to be around the house when he is working then he must follow your schedule.

Compensation for errors. 

This is something you have to discuss when discussing the price. Apparently, the best plasterers can make a mistake but the question is how does he deal with it? Does he offer you some money back or does he redo the job bearing his expenses? Discuss this beforehand to not feel helpless when things go wrong.
Final Words
Finding a plasterer can be quite easy but finding a good plasterer needs a bit of work. Even when you find a plasterer you have to take precautions as things might go wrong. Knowing what questions to ask and what to expect will save you from a lot of trouble.

Final Words

Finding a plasterer can be quite easy but finding a good plasterer needs a bit of work. Even when you find a plasterer you have to take precautions as things might go wrong. Knowing what questions to ask and what to expect will save you from a lot of trouble.