How to hire a professional welder

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When you are fabricating metal or building something with metal, you often have to weld pieces together. The process requires high heat, power, and skills. You may want to enjoy the joy of creating something but may not be very skilled at welding.

Luckily, there are professional welders available out there. If you have a company that works with metal, you may look for a welder too. Now, you may be looking for a professional welder for a number of reasons- for part-time work, for one task, or to keep the welder employed forever.

The catch here is that it is hard to find experienced and good welders. Welding is actually a skill and it is quite risky as well. The risk is the main reason why you should not try it yourself without proper training. Surely, having your eyes and all body parts in good condition is more valuable than the complete joy of creation.

Let us check out how to hire a professional welder. What are the problems that can occur when hiring one and how to solve them with your hiring method?

How to hire a professional welder: A few tips

1.  Check the educational background. 

If you are hiring a professional welder for a company then it is essential that you check the educational background. The main problem you will face is the lack of experienced welders. Most experienced welders are around the age of forty and very few are under the age of 35.

Therefore, most are retiring and when you hire a young individual, the individual lacks practical experience. Some of these individuals have not even touched a welding machine.

But, why should you check the educational background? It is to find out how sincere the individual is. Surely, sincerity is not everything but since you are hiring, you a young person, you can mold the individual into a professional welder by providing adequate training and practice.

If you have the resources and time to do that then you have to be sure that the young individual will stick with you. You will get an idea about the individual’s persistence through the grades and academic background.

2.  Give a chance to ones with no educational background. 

Sometimes the best welders are the ones who haven’t studied welding but practiced welding somewhere- maybe in a workshop or thanks to a relative who welds. In this case, you do not really need to check the educational background but based on the responses of the individual, give him a chance.

In fact, you can make the individual show his skills through a small project or ask to look at a few of his work. A smooth finish with measured consistent gaps is the signs of a good weld. If the person is skilled but not very versed in the art of welding, you can easily teach the theories because skills take more time to develop.

In fact, these welders are better at bringing to life the design on pages.

3. Check the reputation. 

Suppose you neither have time to train nor have time to test, you have to hire a person who is already very experienced and skilled at welding. In this case, to make sure that you are making the right choice, you have to ask the right questions.

Does he know about the local rules? 

The nation and the locality do not always let you do every kind of welding you want to do. As just someone who recruits, you may not be aware of the laws. So, it is necessary that the professional welder you are hiring knows about it.

Furthermore, it is natural that a professional welder will know about it because who else will? The amount of knowledge int his case will prove his dedication to some extent.

Are there work samples? 

You may have to put the welder to work immediately. In this case, you cannot give him a small random project to test him. Therefore, ask him to show his previous works so that you can judge the quality of it.

If you are checking out various candidates then you can compare one work with the other.

What happens if he makes a mistake? 

Any human can make a mistake and even good welders now that things can go wrong. But, will the welder take responsibility for what he did wrong? You have to ask the welder if he has insurance for this case.
Furthermore, also ask him if he fixes his mistakes for free or gives you your money back. This refund or fixing mistake policy is quite important when it comes to such creative work.

The Safety Gears. 

Welding machine itself is essential and if you are hiring for your company, you may have a welding machine of your own. However, a professional welder knows quite well about the danger of welding and he usually has the safety gear with him. If for some reason he does not have them, he knows what he needs and how to use them.
Therefore, ask him questions about the safety gear and maybe ask him to demonstrate how each works. Because even if a piece of work gets ruined it can be fixed but if the welder gets injured, it may be a life-changing thing.
Word of Mouth. 
People need welding jobs from time to time and the best way to reach the best professional welder in town is to follow the word of mouth. Pat attention to good welding jobs and ask the owners where they got it done. The name of the welder which is mentioned most wins an interview with you! 

Final words

If it is a one-time job, you need a professional welder who will do it perfectly. On the other hand, if you are hiring a professional welder for life, you need one who is worth training. Welders get better at welding with time and practice but it also needs dedication. So, when looking for professional welders looking for dedicated ones who know what they are doing.